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Donner Properties, based in Shreveport, Louisiana since 1979, owns various mineral and surface interests in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The original mineral owners have acquired these properties over a period exceeding 75 years. The current owners, have a professional staff to manage the properties


Based upon a wide diversity of accumulated knowledge and expertise, they provide the owners with numerous reports each month in oil and gas evaluation and production.

The office maintains control of the properties, revenue and expenses, contract negotiations, lease maintenance including monitoring of unitization, title curative, marketing of the products and evaluating the assets.

Donner Properties strives to maintain the highest of professional and ethical standards as they manage the assets. Donner’s manager oversees the properties with the assistance of contract geologists and geophysicists, two surface managers and an administration assistant.

Diana Chance and Patti Harley of Donner Properties
Oil and gas derricks and  flow valves controller
Donner Properties oil and gas leasing maps overview. Click on picture for further information.
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