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Useful informational links for the energy industryLouisiana Oil and Gas Association or LOGA or was organized in 1992 to represent the independent sector of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana including exploration, production and oil field services. Our primary goal is to provide our industry with a working environment that will enhance the industry. Creating incentives for industry, warding off tax increases, changing, existing, burdensome regulations and educating the public and government of the importance of the oil and gas industry in the state is what we do for our membership. LOGA confronts and deals directly with the many issues that are causing harm to the oil and gas industry

The American Oil & Gas Reporter is designed for oil and gas producers and operators, their allied geophysical, drilling and well servicing contractors, and the equipment manufacturing, service and supply firms who serve them. The "Better Business" publication of the exploration, drilling and production industry, The American Oil & Gas Reporter is especially tailored for U.S.-based independent oil and gas producers and operators. Content reflects the interests of executives , management, and operations personnel in the legislative, regulatory and financial market trends and developments that shape the economics of all operations. It also reflects their interests in new technology and its economic implications, as well as overall geophysical, geological, and engineering innovations in the fields of exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas, both as to methodology and equipment.

WTRG Economics gathers data from industry, government and proprietary sources to bring the most reliable and current information to bear in addressing the needs of our clients. Using years of experience together with sophisticated economic, statistical and financial analysis tools they are able to assist clients in analyzing their company's condition and in anticipating the direction in which their industry and company is headed. With a comprehensive understanding of the company and the industry, they help clients develop strategies to maximize profits while minimizing risk.

Useful Energy Links is a collection of petroleum-related Internet sites, and includes oil and gas associations, producing oil and gas company home pages, and oil patch service companies.

Drillinginfo is a fully integrated web application that details & maps production, permits, leasing & completion data, and much more. Also providing auto-tracking of oil patch activity, analytical tools, pipelines, and a marketplace.

Oil and Gas Investor web site is your source for information about the financial world of oil and gas. In addition to providing daily analysis of trends and industry events, the editors interpret the news to highlight opportunities for you, whether your company explores for petroleum or provides finance, capital and advisory services to oil and gas operators.

Oildex Connect's Internet-based services simplify financial and operational processes for energy companies, by delivering digital data solutions that improve internal work flow and boost the collaborative success between a company, its partners and suppliers.

Production Gathering Company markets daily natural gas volumes from over 4,500 wells which are delivered to major markets in the Gulf Coast, West, Midwest, and Eastern United States. Owns and operates natural gas gathering and production facilities. Providing its Business Partners the ability to securely download settlement statements. This enables each partner the seamless upload of the settlement data into their proprietary accounting system.

Starting with their flagship publications, Oil Daily (established 1951) and Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (1961), and with market-leading energy data sources, research services, specialist periodicals and on-line services, Energy Intelligence has a heritage of excellence. They lead the market in the provision of top-class, internationally respected data and information for the global energy industry. And they don't intend to stop now.

The American Petroleum Institute The oil and natural gas industry provides the fuel for American life, warming homes, powering businesses and giving us the mobility to enjoy this great land. As the primary trade association of that industry, API represents more than 400 members involved in all aspects of the oil and natural gas industry. The association draws on the experience and expertise of their members and staff to support a strong and viable oil and natural gas industry.

The mission of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is to preserve and enhance the nonrenewable natural resources of the state, consisting of land, water, oil, gas, and other minerals, through conservation, regulation, and management/exploitation, to ensure that the state of Louisiana realizes appropriate economic benefit from its asset base.

The Railroad Commission of Texas has four regulatory divisions that oversee the state's oil and gas industry, gas utilities, pipeline and rail safety, safety in the liquefied petroleum gas industry, and the surface mining of coal and uranium.

The Minerals Management Service (MMS), a bureau in the U.S. Department of the Interior, is the federal agency that manages the nation's natural gas, oil and other mineral resources on the outer continental shelf (OCS).

Kanes Forms are used by Landmen, Lawyers and Mineral and Royalty Owners from every oil and gas producing state in the country to prepare their oil and gas transaction documents.

Illinois Oil & Gas Association (IOGA)
Ohio Oil & Gas Association (OOGA)
Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States
American Association of Professional Landmen
Independent Petroleum Association of America
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council
Oklahoma Independent Producers Association
Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners
Panhandle Producers and Royalty Owners Association
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
National Association of Lease and Title Analysts
National Association of Division Order Analysts

Government Agencies
DOE Energy Information AgencyFossil Energy Online - DOE
Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission Home Page
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
Texas Railroad Commission Web Page
Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission

Environmental Protection Magazine
The Energy Connection
Gas Search
sci.geo.petroleum Internet Resources
Louisiana State University Petroleum Engineering Home Page
Oil Link - 1,000 Links to Industry Resources
Oil Online
Right-of-Way Resources
Tulsa University, Petroleum Industry Training
Hart Energy Publishing
GEO Information Systems: Extremely Useful Information

Proven Concepts, Inc. - Production and Revenue Auditing
Royalties Data Vault Software - Royalty Management Software
OilDex Connect - digital check stubs, run tickets, JIBs and invoices
EBCO - Oil & Gas Mineral Property Auctions
Lease Marketing, Inc.
Oil-Law Records - Oklahoma Corporation Commission Filings
Bowdon Energy Consultants - Geosteering and geologic consulting company in north Texas
RigMatch - Gulf Coast drilling permit information
The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse
Legacy Royalties - Royalty Acquisitions, Estate Appraisals, Title Transfer

General Information
Petroleum Foundation of America
Rocky Mountain Oil Journal

Shanghai Zoom News with emphasis on the Chinese energy industry. A large number of free articles as well as several targeted subscription services.
Petroleum World World coverage plus expanded coverage of Venezuela.
Middle East News Online Comprehensive Middle East news
Oil & Gas Journal Some free some subscription.
Yahoo Oil/Energy News

Analysis & Background
The Chart Store This site lives up to its name. There are many oil and gas charts but we use it to get a sense of today's economy in the light of history. If you like our oil price history graphs you will love this site for its history of everything else.

Oil Price History and Analysis - A discussion of crude oil prices, rig count, exploration, production, oil field services and the factors influencing the future of the petroleum industry.
History of the Oil Industry Good overview.
OPEC Issues and Analysis: Articles written over several years analyzing the decisions faced by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Middle East Economic Survey Two or three free weekly articles. Always worth reading.

Energy Information Administration
DOE/EIAThe best source of oil, gas and other energy information on the web. Direct links to some of their data and articles are below.
Natural Gas
Total Energy

Energy Education Resources: K - 12th Grade

News and History
Monthly Chronology
Chronology of World Oil Market Events 1970 - 2000
25th Anniversary of the 1973 Oil Embargo

This Week in Petroleum
Natural Gas Weekly Update
Country Analysis Briefs
OPEC Fact Sheet Has frequent updates
U.S. Natural Gas Markets: Mid-Term Prospects
for Natural Gas Supply- Excellent
Testimony on The Effect of the Enron Bankruptcy on the Functioning of Energy Markets

Not always correct, but whose are?
Short-Term Outlook
International Energy Outlook 2017
Annual U.S. Energy Outlook 2016

Monthly Energy Review
International Petroleum Monthly

Data and Information This site has some great information for oil and gas investors. Read Fundamentals and Risk Management and Tax Advantages. The Risk Management area has a list of things to know before investing in an oil or gas venture.

PTTC Texas Information on Barnett Shale one of the most active natural gas plays in recent memory. Also has discussion group.

Prices - Current spot and Futures prices.
Rig Counts - Short and long term graphs of U.S., Canadian, Foreign and World Rotary Rig Count as well as U.S. Workover Rig Count.
Baker Hughes Rig count data from the source. This page should be dedicated to Ike Kerridge. He helped us track the industry for years.
S.T.A.T.S. Smith Tools rig counts. Includes depth.
RIGZONE Offshore rig data and locations. Some news.
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections Simply one of the largest oil and gas sites on the internet.
OPEC Get it direct from OPEC. Look at reports in Publications and News & Info areas.
International Energy Agency Statistics and market reports with an international focus.
EDGAR - Financial information required by the SEC of a publicly traded company is here and it's free
SEDAR - Canadian counterpart to EDGAR.
Texas Pipeline Pricing Index and Crude Price Index from Crutchfield Enterprises, Inc. contains current prices paid for gas on various pipelines and top Texas purchasers of crude & condensate with prices paid & barrels purchased.
Rigmatch Permits for Oil and Gas wells: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Gulf Coast offshore
American Petroleum Institute Gasoline taxes in consumer section. Statistics in Energy Professional Area.
Go-Tech New Mexico Petroleum Data and Well Information Database.
California Oil, Gas, & Geothermal Resources
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Oil and Gas Statistics
Oil and Gas Information
The Railroad Commission of Texas production data, history and more

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